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The main objective of the Association:

  • Coordination of all members’ action to protect their interests in the central public authorities.
  • Drafting of legislative acts on employment of seafarers and securing their adoption by relevant public authorities.
  • Affiliation to the social councils of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.
  • Arranging of thematic conferences and workshops with involvement of оfficially responsible heads of public authorities.
  • Provision of aid to companies and seafarers through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.
  • Organization helping companies and mariners through the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.
  • Providing of legal and financial assistance to the families of seafarers.
  • Engaging leading legal structures to protect the interests of the Association both in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Participation of the Association in international projects.
  • Assistance in search of foreign partners.
  • Information support of the Association members, creating a positive image in the media.
  • Conducting annual rating of achievements and awarding of members.
  • Development and implementation of an effective system of training of seafarers from maritime educational institution till working on ship and awarding a rank.
  • Engaging in the Association maritime schools and training centers, banks and insurance companies, law firms and trade unions, the media and other marine organizations as associate members.

The main objective of the Аssociation is to become an functional, active, and affluent organization. A small but efficient Executive Board has to be created for the organization management. Direct operational communication between all the Association members and the Executive Board has to be provided.