To become a member of the Association is possible for legal entities engaged with employment of seafarers on ships under foreign flags.


Conditions of membership

Members of the Association AUUCC are obliged to:

  • have appropriate licence;
  • share principles and objectives of the Association AUUCC;
  • recognize and observe terms of the Association Charter;
  • meet the requirements of the Charter and the Association AUUCC internal documents;
  • timely pay membership fees.


The procedure of affiliation to the Association:

  1. Filing of application to the office of the Association to the chairman.
  2. Submission of copies of the registration certificate, licence and bank details.
  3. The chairman considers the application applied and places it for decision during the next members’ meeting. Decision taking is made by simple majority of members’ votes.
  4. Full membership comes into effect after the payment of the membership fee.
  5. Membership fees to be paid quarterly and not later than 10 days after the beginning of the next quarter of membership in the Association AUUCC.


Ассоциированные члены имеют все права  Действительных членов , кроме права голоса и участия в выборных органах Ассоциации.


Members of the Association may be Full and Associate.

Full members’ rights:

1. To participate in the management of the Association;

2. To vote in making decisions at the General Meeting;

3. To claim for consideration the issues concerning the Association the activities by the General Meeting;

4. To elect and be elected to the management of the Association;

5. To receive information on the Association activities;

6. To use all kinds of methodical, organizational and other assistance that may be provided by the Association;

7. To receive assistance from the Association to protect their legal rights and interests;

8. To disaffiliate with the Association;

9. To have other rights according to the Charter.


Affiliation to the Associate members is adopted by the Chairman with subsequent approval by the General Meeting.

Associate members have all the rights of Full members except the right to vote and to participate in the elected bodies of the Association.